About Me

Ian Sadler is a British record producer, mixer and mastering engineer based on the North Kent coast. From humble beginnings in his bedroom, Ian has honed his skills over the last 15 years and has been fortunate to work with artists from across the UK, Europe and the USA.

Currently working out of Emeline Studios, which he painstakingly built from scratch in 2011 to provide a warm and welcoming space crammed full of equipment, including an array of vintage microphones and stacks of sweet-sounding guitar amps.

Ian’s career to date has seen him work with the likes of Anavae, Roam, Ohhms, Fishtank, Homebound and Coldbones, with his work featuring in publications such as Kerrang!, Rocksound and Big Cheese to glowing reviews.




  • We've been lucky enough to have the oppurtunity to work with a variety of talented producers all over the UK...but we always find ourselves heading back to Ian to get things sounding just right. He's been an extra member of the band since day one and we wouldn't be as comfortable leaving our mixes in the hands of anybody else.

  • My band traveled from France to record with this great man and all we can say is that we weren't disappointed at all. We couldn't expect a better 17 hour long recording session. Lots of good advice that helped us find the perfect tone to record the greatest song we've ever made so far. Thank you Ian.

    Stay Gone
  • I've used Ian on a couple of projects and every time I've had a great time in the studio and the outcome has been above our expectations. He gets the best out of your performance and gets the tightest and slickest sound out of everything you play. Great guy and great equipment... Overall, I'd recommend to anyone willing to pay really good prices and expecting an awesome recording!

  • Been in many studios and worked with various sound engineers but Ian really gets it and helps bands produce the sound they are after, getting the best from them on the way. Always a fun experience and not only do the band i play in always go to him now, we tell anyone we know to check him out too. Absolutely great work and would suggest anyone to check him out and book into Emeline studios asap if they are serious about a quality result.

    Come The Spring
  • Not only did the recording help us get signed but the label boss was so impressed with the sound he is pushing other bands on his roster to use the place. Not a big fan of the bananas that the Engineer (Ian) eats though. They are too large & probably contain GM ingredients.